Suspicion of Elder Abuse


If you have suspicion of Elder Abuse

Call 911 if the abuse is in progress, if not then make a report to one of the following agencies:
Kings County Sheriff’s Office (559) 582-3211, ext. 2790; or
Hanford Police Department (559) 585-2540; or
Lemoore Police Department (559) 924-9574; or
Corcoran Police Department (559) 992-5151; or
Kings County Adult Protection Services (559) 582-8776 (24-Hour Hotline); or
Kings County District Attorney's Office (559) 582-0326.

Goals of Criminal Prosecution:

  1. Stop the Abuse
  2. Protect the Victim and Society
  3. Communicate A Clear Message... "That The Conduct Is Serious And Criminal"
  4. Hold the Offender Accountable
  5. Make the Victim Whole
  6. Rehabilitate the Offender

What the local law enforcement agencies and /or District Attorney's Office can do:

  1. Communicate a clear message that the conduct is serious, illegal and will not be tolerated.
  2. Intervene to stop the abuse in any of the following manner:
  • Protect Elders From further abuse with:
    • Stay-Away Orders, Conditions of release or Probation,
    • Order suspects to vacate victim's residence.
  • Show abuser the behavior is serious - by the actions of the Criminal Justice System in arresting the suspect and bring him/her before a judge.
  • To determine what is owed, get a full accounting from the defendant/obtain restitution for the elder.
  • Order defendant to obey orders of other courts, including the Probate Court, and impose criminal sanctions for failure to do so.
  • Order defendants to obtain counseling and treatment.

      3.  Criminal Justice System Can Assist Victims With the Following:

  • Payment of medical bills though State Victim Indemnity Fund - where there is violence. 
  • Referral to community agencies for support. 
  • Emergency shelter.
  • Safe waiting areas in the Courthouse
  • Transportation to Court
  • Witness fees for meals and expenses.
  • Victim-Witness Assistance Programs. 
  • Court accompaniment.
  • Assist with Victim testimony (Conditional exam possibility).