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W & M Photo Gallery

 Livestock Scale beam
Checking the livestock scale beam against the actual weight placed on the scale.
County Seals on gas pumps
Examples of the county seals affixed to devices that pass testing.
 Aluminum cans on a scale
Aluminum cans being pre-weighed as part of an undercover test purchase at a recycler.
Cole Slaw on a scale
Verify the actual weight of coleslaw purchased as part of an undercover buy.
 Little SmokiesSm
Verify the weight of Lit'l Smokies.
nightime inspections on a truck
Inspectors Tom Chambers & Fred Prieto conducting nightime inspections on trucks hauling tomatoes.
 air and ware machine
Free air and water is checked as part of a petroleum inspection.
another inspector inspecting a truck
 Inspector Prieto conducting an inspection on a truck hauling tomatoes.
  inlet fuel pipe label
 The inlet fuel pipe labeling of gas stations are checked to ensure no cross contamination occurs.