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Planning Division Staff

1400 W. Lacey Blvd.
Hanford, CA 93230
Telephone: 559-852-2670
Fax: 559-584-8989

Department Administration

emailGregory R. Gatzka, Community Development Director

emailTerri Yarbrough, Executive Secretary 559-852-2680


Department Management & Staff Contacts:

emailChuck Kinney, Deputy Director - Planning


Long Range Planning Section

Surface Mining And Reclamation Act Program

Vacant, Planner 


General Plan Section

Vacant, Planner


GIS Services Section

emailJoAnna Walker, G.I.S. Specialist 559-852-2647

Land Development Services Section

emailSandy Roper, Principal Planner



Dairy Permits / Zoning Permits / Land Divisions

emailKao Nou Yang, Planner 559-852-2673
emailAlex Hernandez, Planner 559-852-2679

Integrated Waste Management Program


emailKao Nou Yang, Planner 559-852-2673

Zoning Permits / Land Divisions / Land Conservation Program


Planning Counter

Department Front Counter
emailSydney Highfill, Permit Tech. 559-852-2672
emailToni Leist, Permit Tech. 559-852-2652

Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Division is charged with enforcement of provisions of the Kings County Zoning, Building, Nuisance, Surface Mining and Abandoned Vehicle Ordinances. Enforcement generally follows a complaint and ordinarily involves an inspection followed by a warning. Following warnings, enforcement options include citations to court, administrative monetary penalties and physical abatement or removal of the problem. The division abates and removes 100-200 derelict or abandoned vehicles and up to 10 substandard or dangerous buildings per year and resolves several hundred complaints of zoning or nuisance violations.

In addition to enforcement activities, the Code Compliance Division provides field inspection services to the Planning Agency. Physical inspections are conducted on every site proposed for new amended zoning permits, all dairies and all surface mining operations. The Code Compliance Division also manages the Monitoring Program for the Dairy Element of the Kings County General Plan.

Should you have any questions concerning Code Compliance please call 559-852-2670. . . . . . .