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Development Code and Application Forms

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Development Code

Article 1    Development Code Enactment, Applicability and General Provisions and Exceptions
Article 2    Zoning Plan
Article 3    Establishment and Designation of Zoning Districts and Overlay Zones
Article 4    (A) Agricultural Zoning Districts
Article 5    (R) Residential Zoning Districts
Article 6    (C) Commercial Zoning Districts
Article 7    (MU) Mixed Use Zoning Districts
Article 8    (I) Industrial Zoning Districts
Article 9    (PF) Public Facilities Zoning Districts
Article 10    Overlay Zones
Article 11   Standards for Specific Land Uses and Activities
Article 12   Pre-Existing Uses and Non-Conforming Sites, Structures and Uses
Article 13   Off-Street Parking and Loading
Article 14  Signs and Signage Regulations
Article 15   Sustainable Development Practices
Article 16   Site Plan Reviews
Article 17   Conditional Use Permits
Article 18   Variances
Article 19   Public Hearing Procedures
Article 20   Planned Unit Developments
Article 21   Changes of Zoning District Boundaries and Development Code Text Amendments
Article 22   Density Bonus Provisions, Inclusionary Housing, and Reasonable Accommodations
Article 23   Land Subdivisions
Article 24   Enforcement and Recovery of Fines and Enforcement Costs
Article 25   


Uniform Application Form
Application form for Dairies (New or Expanding)
Variance Application Form
Change of Zone District Boundary/General Plan Amendment/Development Code Text Change application Form
Environmental Information Form
Location of Sewage Disposal Systems
Standard Lot Development Provisions
Zoning Matrix
Agricultural Land Division Forms
Lot Line Adjustment Application Form
Right to Farm Ordinance Form
Certificate of Compliance Application Form
Certificate of Voluntary Parcel Merger Application Form
Temporary Use Permit Application Form