Public Health Emergency Preparedness

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Kings County Public Health Emergency Preparedness (KCPHEP) is a division of the Kings County Health Department.  KCPHEP plays a fundamental role in the coordination and provision of public health and medical preparedness efforts in Kings County.  The division works with various partners and stakeholders to facilitate the coordination of plan development, resource management, and training efforts for the operational area related to public health and medical emergencies.  Public health and medical emergencies are events, either natural or man made, which put the health of the public at risk.  KCPHEP collaborates with other local governmental and private agencies to prepare, respond, and recover from these events.

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For more information regarding Public Health Emergency Preparedness, please contact one of the PHEP Staff members below:

David Greer, MBA,  Fiscal Analyst III

T: 559.852.2523


Annette Burgos, Public Health Emergency Planner

T: 559.852.2634


Abraham Valencia, Public Health Emergency Planner

T: 559.852.2618