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What payment methods are accepted by the Dept of Agriculture?
Cash, checks and credit(Not American Express) - Bring in ID.  You can make your checks payable to the “Kings County Department of Agriculture”.

What do I do if I have a swarm of bees?
Our department has available a list of bee keepers and their phone numbers who may come out and pick them up; there is usually a fee, by the bee keeper, associated with this service. Check our website for the list or call 559-852-2830.

Where can I get a burn permit?
To obtain a burn permit you will need to contact the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District at 1-800-665-2876.

Can I bring in a spider or bug to be identified?
Yes. Someone on staff will look at the specimen for possible identification.  If we are unable to identify it we will send it to a lab in Sacramento for a positive ID.

Who do I contact if I find a sick or dead bird?
The California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) has a “State Bird Hotline” (866-922-2473) which provides information in both English and Spanish. People can call this number to quickly report sick or dead poultry, wild birds, or pet birds. The public can also obtain information on how to know when their birds are sick and how to protect their birds from disease. If you suspect mosquitoes may be involved, please call 1-877-968-2473.

Having rodents problems?
If you are having rodent/pest problems you can contact our office, where an inspector can come out and assess the situation and provide options in what you can do.

What do I do if I think that I've been overcharged on a purchase?
If you believe that you’ve been overcharged on a purchase you may contact our office with the following information:  what you purchased, where you purchased it, the date the purchase was made, and the amount you were charged. Ex: If it was a gasoline purchase we will need to know where you made the purchase, what pump number, and what grade of gasoline. Receipts are very helpful in providing this information.

Who can be an authorized representative on my pesticide permit?
An authorized representative should be someone who supervises the pesticide use for that permit.

Who can sign for my pesticide permit?
Individuals who may sign for permits are the owner/operator or an authorized representative (a Letter of Authorization will need to be on file).

What do I need to do to get a pesticide spray permit?
You will need to bring in information about the sites on the permit including a map of the location(s) to be treated and the surrounding areas.  These maps shall include information regarding the surrounding environment including, but not limited to, residences, schools, churches, waterways, wildlife areas, parks and other public use areas. 

Can I fax in my pesticide use reports?
No. Use reports must be sent by mail, brought in to the office or submitted on-line via