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Frequently Asked Questions

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • When is Real Estate reappraised?

  • What is Documentary Transfer Tax?

  • How can I add another person to my deed (title)?

  • How do I fill out my Quitclaim Deed/Grant Deed, Affidavit of Death etc.?

  • Where can I go to record a document?

  • How do I get Assessor's Parcel Maps?

  • Are Public Records available?

  • Where do I obtain Deeds and other Legal Documents?

  • What information should appear on a Recorded Document?

  • What is an Affidavit of Death or an Affidavit of Death of a Joint Tenant?

  • How do I report the death of a Property Owner?

  • Will a Change In Ownership affect my Property Taxes?

  • How do I change the name on the Tax Bill Or Ownership Records?

  • Is there tax relief for Seniors and the Disabled?

  • Is there tax relief for Disabled Veterans?

  • Is there a Builder's Exclusion?

  • How do I get a Homeowners' Exemption?

  • What if my Property is Damaged or Destroyed?

  • What is the Parent/Child Exclusion?

  • What if I Think My Assessed Value is too High?

  • Are Boats and Aircraft subject to appraisal?

  • When is Personal Property appraised?

  • Are Mobile homes subject to property taxes?

  • What is a Change-in-Ownership Statement?

  • What is a Supplemental Assessment?

  • How does new construction effect my property value?