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Full Online Access

Much of the information maintained by the Kings County Assessor and Clerk/Recorder's office is available through our online access system. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions relating to our online system.

Q: How much does it cost to access the system?

A: The Board of Supervisors has mandated a $27.80 one time set-up fee to create your account. After that there is no monthly fee to access our system. You are charged a flat usage fee of $0.18 per page that is accessed beginning with the Main Menu. For billing purposes, each separate screen is considered a page. If you were to access one parcel, each of the following pages would incur a charge if accessed:

  • Main Menu
  • Search Screen
  • Search Results (Returned for all searches that do not search by APN)
  • Main Parcel Screen
  • Physical Characteristics 
  • Ownership History
  • Taxes and Values
  • Supplementals Screen
  • Other Assessments Screen
  • Map Page Screen


Each time you open a page, a charge is incurred, regardless of how many times that page has previously been accessed.

Q:What information from the Assessor's Office is available online?

A: All information available from the Assessor's Office is currently available online. This includes:

  • Current Property
  • Ownership
  • Ownership History
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Brief Legal Description
  • Taxes and Values
  • Supplemental Assessments
  • Other Assessments
  • Assessor's Parcel Maps
  • Airplane Information 
  • Boat Information

 For more information please contact the Assessor's Office at (559) 852-2486.


Q: How often is the information updated?

A: In 2005, the Assessor's Office adopted new technology that allows our appraisers to update the physical characteristics of a property as they reassess it. This means that the most current information that we gather is instantly available to the public once it is entered by our appraisers. This does not mean that all of our physical characteristics are current. It is still the responsibility of individuals using our system to personally verify the characteristics of the property they are interested in.

Q: What if the property I am looking at doesn't have any physical characteristics online?

A: Prior to 2005 physical characteristics of properties in Kings County were only entered into the computer upon request or after a reappraisable event happened. This means that many of our older properties have not had their physical characteristics entered into the computer. If this is the case for your property, you may request that the characteristics be entered into the online system for a $2.00 fee. To request characteristics call the Assessor's Office at (559) 852-2486. Provide our staff with your name and company, and the parcel number you are interested in and they will enter the characteristics for your property.

If the property in question is a brand new residence with no characteristics online, this means that our appraisers have not yet collected the physical characteristics for the property. These characteristics will be added to the system when our appraisers add the new construction to the tax roll.

Q: Can I access the Assessor's Maps online?

A: Yes, you can access the Assessor's Maps through our online system. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open the maps. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you may download it by clicking the link at left. At this time, maps can only be accessed one map page at a time through a link at the top of each APN's main page. If you need to access another map page, you will have to first access one of the parcels on that map page and then click on the link to that specific map page.

Q: What information from the Clerk/Recorder's Office is available online?

A: Currently, the Clerk/Recorder's Office provides the following information online:

  • Recorder's Index(Grantee/Grantor Index)
  • Fictitious Business Names
  • DBA Search

For more information on recorded documents, please contact the Clerk/Recorder's Office at (559) 852-2470.

Q: Can I view recorded documents online?

A: At this time, we are only able to provide document numbers online. The actual document is only available on microfilm in our office. They may be viewed in our public access room at any time during our regular office hours

Q: How do I subscribe to the online system?

A: To subscribe to our online system, you must complete and return the online access system contract, the subscribing agency form, and the subscribing user form. The contract and forms are available in our office. We require an original signature on all applications. Therefore, we are unable to accept faxed, email, or online applications.

Q: If I am self employed, do I still need to complete both forms?

A: Yes, you will need to complete both the Subscribing Agency and Subscribing User forms. Make a notation that you are self employed and complete the forms as required.

Q: How soon will I have access after I complete the application process?

A: If your application is completed correctly, you should be able to access the system within three business days from the date we receive it. If your application is incomplete or your password does not meet the requirements you will not be able to access the system until the errors are corrected. Once your account is set up, you will receive an email with your log on name, password, and a link to the website.

Q: What happens if I lose my password?

A: If you lose or forget your password, please call Elizabeth at (559) 852-2485. She can provide you with your password hint or email your lost password to the email address we have on file.

Q: When will I be billed?

A: Bills are generated after the last day of the month and are mailed during the first week of the following month. They are due upon receipt. Due to the restrictions of our accounting system, we can not accept pre-payments.
** PLEASE NOTE: Failure to pay your bill timely or failure to pay the correct amount may result in the termination of your access to our system.

If you still have questions or need more information, please contact Elizabeth at (559) 852-2485.