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APIARY REGISTRATION FORM - (Beekeepers use to register the location of hives in Kings County.)
$10.00 fee (if you have registered bees in any other county then no fee is required, please provide the proof of registration in another county if you wish to avoid this fee)
Fee is payable to the Kings County Agricultural Commissioner.

Bee check request form prior to applying a bee sensitive pesticide.


BeeWhere website to perform bee clearances for pesticide applications.


Contact                                                                        Phone Number

Dan Andrews (Will charge)                                                        (559) 904-0385
Benchmark Pest Control (Will charge)                                    (661) 588-4869
Bee Sweet Honey- Bobby Stephens (No Charge)                  (559) 707-4784 or (702) 701-4144
Robert Jimenez (Will charge)                                                   (559) 999-5307
Kingsburg Honey (Minimum fee for travel if far away          (559) 869-8822
Madison Rodriquez (No charge)                                              (559) 260-7760
Dwayne Yeager (May charge based on circumstances)      (559) 589-3581
Ron Riddle (No charge)                                                              (559) 583-9770 or (559) 572-8667