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  • Who do I contact to obtain a Weighers and Samplers license?

  • Where can I get a burn permit?

  • What do I do if I think that I've been overcharged on a purchase?

  • Who can be an authorized representative on my pesticide permit?

  • Who can sign for my pesticide permit?

  • What do I need to do to get a pesticide spray permit?

  • Can I fax in my pesticide use reports?

  • What is the Fax Number for the Department of Agriculture

  • Mailing address for the Kings County Department of Agriculture

  • Can I bring in a spider or bug to be identified?

  • Who do I contact if I find a sick or dead bird?

  • What payment methods are accepted by the Dept of Agriculture?

  • What is the cost for the pesticide applicator continuing education and worker safety classes?

  • What do I do if I have a swarm of bees?