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Jury Members

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Address:                                                                               Telephone:
449 C Street, Lemoore, CA 93245,                                       (559) 852-2892
P. O. Box 1562, Hanford, 93232

2018 – 2019 GRAND JURY

Thomas G. Atwood Grand Juror
Larnell R. Austin, Sr. Grand Juror
Kathleen L. Campbell Grand Juror
William B. Baker       Grand Juror
Anthony Barba           Grand Juror
George C. Cleary  Grand Juror 
Gail M. Crooms  Grand Juror 
Raymond Elizondo Grand Juror
Arnold Garza Grand Juror
JoAnn Hawkins
Grand Juror
Richard E.  Hoffmaster
Becky M. Hudson  Grand Juror 
 Crystal Jackson Grand Juror  
Anita L. Lizotte Grand Juror
Linda Mackey Grand Juror
Shirley D. Miller Grand Juror
Karen I. Ormsby Grand Juror
Carol L. Scott Grand Juror
 Kevin L. Scott Grand Juror 
Ronney C. Wong Grand Juror