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Veterans FAQ

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  • I am retired from the US Navy with a VA SC Disability rating of 40%. I have never sought care for my conditions, nor have I ever been reevaluated since my initial VA physical exam. Can I go to the VA Hospital in Fresno to be reevaluated and receive care for my SC Health conditions

  • I cannot find my military discharge papers (DD-214) or Record of Separation from the Military. What can I do? And how long must I wait?

  • I have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes Type II. Can I received Compensation for my condition?

  • I'm a veteran, can I get dental work at the VA Hospital?

  • I've heard about VA assistance with college for my kids. Is there such a program?

  • What does your KC Veterans Service office do to help Veterans?

  • When I die, what benefits can my spouse apply for?