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A Survivors Guide to Benefits - A comprehensive guide provided to the Surviving Spouse of a deceased veteran when details all of the important details necessary upon the veterans death.

California Department of Veterans Affairs Lists Veterans Services available, Home Loan information, Special Women's Veterans section, License Plate information, and more.

Checklist of Benefits for Disabled Veterans and Survivors - This site is designed to give the disabled veteran or his surviving spouse a complete listing of VA benefits that they are entitled to depending on their current or past status.

Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits & Claims Information, Life Insurance assistance, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services, Appeals, and much more.

Federal Parks & Recreation Passes for Veterans - A complete guide to Federal Parks and Recreational areas and applications for passes.

Health Care Service For Women Veteran's - A quick and comprehensive Handbook put out by the Veteran's Hospital Administration with essential compenents necessary to ensure that all enrolled women Veterans have access to appropriate services, regardless of VHA site of care.

National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Makes PTSD more understanding to the individual

Retired Personnel Pay Information - The Latest Retired news in Retired Pay from DFAS

Shift Colors - The Newsletter for Navy Retirees

The Military Handbook - This book is designed to help all active duty U.S. Military personnel by giving them the most accurate and complete information available anywhere on pay, allowances, taxes, health care and TRICARE benefits, Veterans and Social Security benefits, travel transportation, SBP, retirement, SPAC-A, installation listings, statistical data, and much, much more.

The Veteran's Personal Finance and Debt Management -   A Veterans Non-Profit Organization for the Veteran with Finanicial or Debt Problems.

TRI-CARE Handbook (2009) - A quick and comprehensive handbook for the Active Duty, Retired, and National Guard Service member for the latest benefits under the Military Tri-Care Medical System

TRI-CARE for Life Handbook (2011) - A quick and comprehensive handbook for the Retired Service Member and his/her family for TRICARE for Life Members.

Veterans News The Latest Veterans News from INYO County

VA Home Loans The loan center helps veterans, active duty and family members all over the country with VA home loans