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The overall goal of a Health and Safety Program is to prevent occupational injuries through the recognition, evaluation, and control of hazards in the workplace. The costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses are much higher than the limited attention devoted to their prevention.
The Kings County Division of Environmental Health Services currently offers a wide variety of occupational health and industrial hygiene services to both the public and private sectors upon request. Our services range from indoor air quality evaluations and environmental sampling to compliance audits and employee health and safety training. All of our services in this program are consultative rather than enforcement oriented.
The following is a partial list of specific services that we have provided to clients since the inception of this program:

Indoor Air Quality Evaluations
Illness and Injury Prevention Programs
Employee Health & Safety Training
Occupational Health & Safety Assessments
PSM Development
Air Monitoring and Environmental Sampling
Radiation Safety Training
Mold Sampling and Identification
Respirator Training and Fit Testing
Residential Mold Assessments
Industrial ventilation Surveys
Mold Remediation Plans
Comprehensive Workplace Noise Studies
Mold Training Workshops
Employee Exposure Monitoring

Please contact our office if we can answer any questions about our occupational health services.

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