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Flavors Hook Kids

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Valley health officials issue new warning over vaping after spike in respiratory illnesses
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8 teens hospitalized with 'severe lung damage' from vaping — leading expert says e-cig use is 'not without health effects'

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Walmart hikes age to buy tobacco products, e-cigarettes to 21 and it is also in the process of discontinuing the sale of fruit and dessert-flavored electronic nicotine systems (E-Cigarettes).

Another dirty tactic: E-cigarette maker Juul tries to get ahead of SF restrictions on vaping products- The idea is for restrictions instead of the all-out ban on the sale of vaping goods.

Secondhand Sally Ad (Eng. + Span.)

English: Secondhand Sally Ad

En Espanol/Spanish: Humo de segunda mano

Vape pen explodes, rips away chunk of man's face, breaks some teeth, lawsuit says


Flavors Hook Kids Campaign

Think that only smokers suffer the consequences? Secondhand smoke affects everyone, especially those who live in apartments that are not smoke free. 


California's Clean Indoor Air Laws  

FDA seizes 'more than a thousand pages' of documents in surprise inspection of e-cigarette maker Juul

  • The FDA surprised e-cigarette manufacturer Juul at its San Francisco headquarters and seized "more than a thousand pages of documents" related to the company's marketing practices.
  • Juul has been at the center of the FDA's attention this year as the e-cigarette becomes a phenomenon among teens.

Flavors Hook Kids

The new "Flavors Hook Kids" campaign appears in seven languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese and Tagalog. 

The Truth About Flavored Tobacco

The use of flavored and electronic tobacco products such as cigars, cigarillos, smokeless tobacco, hookah tobacco, and e-liquids (used in e-cigarettes) has drastically increased in recent years. These products use enticing flavors, colorful packaging and lower prices to hook a new generation of tobacco users.

Flavors mask the harsh taste of tobacco, making it easier for kids to get hooked on nicotine. The tobacco companies know this. They also know that flavor means a whole lot more. It’s how we celebrate, how we nurture, and in many cases, how we pass down culture in kitchens all over California.

California Youth Tobacco Use Data Charts and Graphs

California’s new advertising campaign, “Flavors Hook Kids,” tackles the problem of youth becoming hooked on nicotine. Parents and concerned adults are warned about the increasing availability of tobacco products with enticing flavors, and new e-cigarette devices called “pod mods.” The devices are disguised to look like flash drives and other objects making them easy to conceal at home or school.