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Become a Care Provider

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Become an IHSS Care Provider

Providers are dedicated, trusted professionals working to make a positive impact in the lives of our Consumers with compassion and personal care. By helping Consumers to stay engaged, Providers strengthen the Kings County community.


NEW Provider Enrollment

If you already have a friend or family member who is an IHSS Recipient and has requested that you work for them, your Recipient can call the IHSS Public Authority at (559) 852-4615 to report the hire and request a Live Scan Form and New Provider Enrollment packet.


Important Information for Prospective Providers about the IHSS Provider Enrollment Process

SOC 847


EXISTING Provider Enrollment

If you are already an IHSS Care Provider and want to provide services to another Recipient, you can request an Existing Provider Enrollment Packet by calling the IHSS Public Authority at (559) 852-4615.


REGISTRY Provider Enrollment

If you do not already know someone on the IHSS program, the Registry can refer you to Recipients needing help in their home. You can request a Registry Application by calling the IHSS Public Authority at (559) 852-4615.