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HSA Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Human Services - Benefits

    • Do I have to come to the Office to apply for Medi-Cal, Calfresh (FoodStamps) and CalWORKs (CashAid)?

    • How do I apply for Health Insurance?

    • How long does it take to hear if I am eligible for benefits?

    • Typically, What are some things to bring for an application?

    • What are the Hours and Locations of Human Service Agency?

    • What does Medi-Cal Cover?

    • What if I have an emergency and need immediate help?

    • Where and Who do I report fraud anonymously?

    • Who do I call if I have a question about my case?

    • Who would I call if I get denied on my Benefits and I disagree?

  • Human Services - Employment Services

    • How do I get assigned to the Welfare to Work Program?

    • I cannot get to the office to see my employment and training worker, what should I do?

    • What is the Welfare to Work Program?

  • Human Services - Social Services

    • How do I become a Foster Parent?

    • Where and how I report Child Abuse?

    • Where do I go to be a CASA Volunteer?

    • Who can adopt a child?

    • Who do I call if i need to talk to Child Protective Services immediately?

    • Who do I contact if I want to start the Resource Family Approval Program?

    • Who do I contact if I would like to know more information about adopting?

    • Who do I speak to if I would like to volunteer or Intern for Social Services?

    • Who is eligible for In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) ?