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What is a Resource Family?

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What is a Resource Family?

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Resource families include individuals, couples and family's who want to provide care to a child who is under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.


Kings County Resource Family Approval Program Brochure

They may be:
  • Related to the child
  • Have a familial or mentoring relationship with the child
  • Have no previous relationship with the child

Resource families play a key role in the life of a child in care. When out-of-home placement is needed to keep the child safe, diligent efforts are made to identify, assess and consider relatives, family friends and those culturally tied to the family as the primary placement option. When relatives cannot be a placement  option for the child, every effort is made to actively recruit and support resource families within the child's home community. 

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Qualifications to become an RFA home include (but are not limited to):

  • Completion of a Resource Family Application
  • Criminal background clearance
  • Pre-approval and post-approval training
  • Personal references
  • Financial resources adequate to meet the needs of your existing household
  • Combined home environment and permanency assessments

Kings County is a part of the California’s Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI)


QPI strives to promote teamwork, respect, nurturing children, and building strong families. Kings County’s Branding Statement affirms:

“Kings County Family Resource Care Providers value the children in our community.  They are dedicated partners of a professional team, who open their heart and homes to children.  They ensure children are safe and part of a loving family who respects a child’s identity, family connections and culture.”

For information on the Resource Family Assessment Program contact Manuela Wyatt at (559) 852-4289 or