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Kings County Immunizations Program is under the Intervention and Prevention Unit

Adult Immunizations: 
Vaccines for adults are available, including travel vaccines.  

Vaccination Schedules available at 

Childhood Immunizations Program:

The Health Department offers all recommended vaccines for children.  Children’s immunizations are: $8 per vaccine or Medi-Cal for children and adolescents 0–18 years of age. 

Vaccination Schedules available at 

Childhood Lead Screenings:

Fingerstick lead screenings are available for children 1-5 years old with Medi-Cal or $23.00 private pay. 

We also accept Medicare and many private insurance plans.  Please call to confirm if our services are covered by your insurance.   We recommend that all families who have a private physician to remain under his or her care.  Please bring your immunization records to our clinic.