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Kings County Human Services Agency assists people who are experiencing hardship or have been unable to participate fully in social and economic life within the community. 
Our Agency is working to meet the needs of the community as it grows and changes by protecting children and elders, providing healthcare coverage, and connecting the community to resources that keep our workforce strong.


Human Services Agency

In Kings County . . . 

Protects children from abuse and neglect

Provides health care insurance to low-income children, adults and families

Ensures 24-hour response to seniors and dependent adults who are victims of abuse

Works with the unemployed to enhance employment skills

Establishes resources and program referral services for dependent adults and seniors

Assists and encourages parenting and pregnant teens to remain in high school

Recruits resource family homes for children in need

Helps families in crisis to learn to parent

Helps adults with special needs live independently

Provides support services for grandparents caring for their grandchildren to avoid foster care placement


Kings County Map

Kings County is located in the South Central San Joaquin Valley