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Resource Family Approval Program (RFP)

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 What is a Resource Family?

RFA is a unified, process that replaces existing multiple processes and increases approval standards by incorporating a comprehensive psycho-social evaluation of all families who want to foster, adopt or provide legal guardianship to a child.  Resource families consist of relative or kinship families, licensed foster care families, certified resource families, guardianship families or adoptive families. Regardless of the type, resource families play a key role in the life of a child in care. When out-of-home placement is needed to keep the child safe, CPS makes diligent efforts to identify, evaluate and consider relatives, family friends and those culturally tied to the family as the primary placement option. When relatives cannot be a placement option for the child, CPS makes efforts to actively recruit and support resource families within the child’s home community and in as close proximity as possible to the child’s parents.  Resource families work together with CPS staff and actively support the child and the child’s family to successfully and permanently return home. Should the child be unable to safely return to the parent’s home, CPS actively prepares the child for adoption or guardianship with a permanent, “forever” family.

Resource Family Approval Program (RFA)

The Resource Family Assessment Program includes assessing all families who wish to provide out-of-home care for children and adoptive or guardianship families.  RFA Program ensures standards of safety are met in each resource family home.  The Resource Family Program includes licensed foster homes, resource care providers, adoption, guardianship and recruitment services for care providers in Kings County.  Resource families are necessary to Kings County Child Protective Services (CPS), as  in the event that a child cannot  permanently return home to their parents, CPS strives to place children for adoption or guardianship in safe, nurturing, permanent homes.