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Q: Why wasn't my trash picked up?

A: KWRA doesn't pick up and empty any of the three cans.  You need to call whoever picks up you garbage such as Hanford Public Works, Lemoore Public Works or in some cases, a private hauler.  Check your garbage bill for the correct phone number.

Q: Do you rent roll off bins for clean-ups, such as roofing jobs, etc?

A: Yes we do.  Please call for available size and cost details.

We are currently unable to service the areas of:
Kettleman City, Corcoran, Home Gardens, Stratford and Armona.  Contact your hauler for bin requests.

Q: How many tires can I legally haul to the MRF?

A: 9 Tires.  Hauling 10 or more tires requires a permit (FREE) from the Environmental Health Dept.  You can reach them at (559) 584-1411.

Q: What is The Three Can System

A: Blue Can - Black Can - Green Can

CO-MINGLED RECYCLABLES (Blue Can)   Click Here for PDF

PLASTIC (water bottles, milk jugs, juice bottles, shampoo or conditioner bottles, plastic mayo, mustard or catsup bottles, detergent bottles, empty cleaning liquids, such as Windex, Fantastic, etc).

GLASS (jars for pickles, peanut butter, jelly, fruit, etc., beer, wine liquor and soda bottles)

TIN (cans used for fruit, vegetables, soup, tuna, beans, etc.)

ALUMINUM (soda cans, beer cans, other beverage cans, etc.)

PAPER & CARDBOARD (newspapers, magazines, phone books, mail, school work, cereal boxes, mac and cheese boxes, cake mix boxes, brownie boxes, etc.)


Lawn clippings, leaves, tree trimmings, weeds, plants, small branches, pruning's, dirt, etc. (no rock or concrete please)


Dirty diapers, food, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, soiled paper towels, animal waste (bagged), used take out food containers, etc.