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HHW / E & U Waste

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What is Household Hazardous Waste? (HHW)

All chemicals, solvents and powders that we use to clean our home, care for our lawn and automobiles, and many beauty products have compounds in them that make them toxic if not disposed of correctly.  These materials CANNOT go to the landfill.  To ensure that these materials are handled properly, trained professionals will periodically visit our facility to collect and dispose of your HHW FREE.

The fact sheet below will give you samples of what is HHW, amounts that can be accepted at an event and how to transport the material.  If you have other questions about HHW, call our office any time during operating hours.

Click here for more information about Household Hazardous Waste. (English) or (Spanish)

What is Electronic Waste? (E-Waste)

Electronic Waste is in most of the appliances we use every day.  TV's, computers, cell phones, DVD players, anything with a timer on it like the coffee pot that you program for the first cup in the morning.  All these contain material that is hazardous at time of disposal if not handled correctly.

E-Waste can be brought in to our facility FREE anytime we're open.  No appointment needed, just drive in and let our staff know you have E-Waste.  They'll take it from there.  The fact sheet below will give you more information on E-Waste.

Click here for more information about E-Waste. (English)  or (Spanish)

What is Universal Waste? (U-Waste)

Universal Waste is the counter part to E-Waste.  Most appliances are one or the other, or may be both depending on what it is.  U-Waste consists of batteries (household) that run toys, clocks, watches, etc.  It is also the fluorescent light tubes that may be in your kitchen or garage or it can be found in light switches and thermostats.

The fact Sheet below will give you more information on where U-Waste can be found and again, these items can be brought to our facility any time we're open for FREE.

Click here for more information about U-Waste. (English) or (Spanish)