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Medical Marijuana ID Cards 

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Medical Marijuana Identification Card

Program in Kings County

The Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMIC) went into effect in Kings County in October, 2008. MMIC was established by the State of California following the passage of Senate Bill 420, requiring counties to offer a voluntary Medical Marijuana Identification Card.

Patients may use the identification card as evidence that they have received a recommendation from their physician to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

SB 420 does not protect patients from Federal prosecution for possession of marijuana.

To apply for a Medical Marijuana Identification Card contact:

Kings County Department of Public Health
Vital Records

330 Campus Drive - Hanford, CA 93230

(559) 852-2604

Applications are processed by appointment ONLY.

 Patient Eligibility: in order to be eligible for Kings County's Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program, a Person Must:


  • Be a resident of Kings County
  • Be 18 years or older, or if under 18, provide written proof of emancipation or approval from the parent or legal guardian.
  • Have a serious medical condition as outlined in SB 420
Eligible persons must have a recommendation from a physician indicating that medical marijuana is appropriate for their condition, or be a caregiver of a patient that has a condition as outlined in SB 420.


Application Process:

Patients must provide the following information to apply for a Medical Marijuana Identification Card:
  1. Completed application downloaded from State of California website
  2. Recommendation from their physician stating that the patient has a serious medical condition and that medical use of marijuana would be appropriate
  3. Make an appointment with Vital Records at Kings County Department of Public Healthy by calling: (559) 584-1404 ext 2604
  4. Government-issued photo ID
  5. Phone or utility bill that includes a current Kings County address
  6. $100.00 fee. Applicants on Medi-Cal will be charged $50.00. (Cash or Money Order ONLY).

Applications are available online:

or at Kings County Department of Public Health

California Department of Public Health Medical Marijuana Program Website

For questions regarding growing, cultivation, and  Medical Marijuana laws in Kings County, please contact the Kings County Sheriff's Office at (559) 584-1431