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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • I have a complaint about your office. How do I contact you and will you respond?

  • I am a defendant and I don't like the attorney who is representing me. Can I talk to you or one of your deputies about my case?

  • Can I talk to Mr. Fagundes? I think he's the person handling my case since his name is on all the documents in my case.

  • I was cited and release by the police. Can you tell me if the District Attorney filed charges against me?

  • I have been subpoenaed by the District Attorney to appear as a witness in a criminal case. Can I get witness fees? What if I can't attend on the date stated in the subpoena?

  • I want a divorce. I also need help obtaining child support for my children. Can the District Attorney help me?

  • I am a merchant. Can the District Attorney's Office help me collect on a bad check?

  • I think I have been cheated by a contractor, tradesman or other person who provides labor or services. Can the District Attorney's Office help me?

  • In court, the judge ordered the defendant to pay me restitution. So far, I have not received anything. Can anyone help me?

  • How do I file a domestic violence complaint with your office?

  • I am the victim in a domestic violence case and I want to drop charges?

  • Can I report a crime to the District Attorney's Office?