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Real Estate Fraud Unit

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The Real Estate Fraud Unit focuses on investigating and prosecuting real estate fraud crimes in Kings County. This Unit works with various state and local agencies as well as real estate professionals in an effort to educate and prevent such fraud. Some individuals attempt to steal the money or home equity of homebuyers through fraudulent real estate transactions.

 We investigate real estate fraud on crimes occurring within Kings County's jurisdiction. Things that put it in our jurisdiction:

  1. The real estate is in Kings County and property taxes are paid to Kings County.
  2. The victim made a payment in Kings County.
  3. The suspect is in Kings County
  4. Mobile home complaints are investigated by the Department of Housing and Community Development, of the State of California.

What type of crimes are we investigating?

  1. Foreclosure fraud - it is illegal for anyone to charge an advanced fee to help a distressed homeowner with a loan modification. They can only accept payment after the loan is completed. Even an attorney cannot accept upfront fees until the loan is done.
  2. Loan fraud - filing fraudulent loans, forging signatures, forging notary and recorder stamps.
  3. Elder abuse - the victim must have been incapable of understanding at the time they signed the documents or made the decision.
  4. Unlicensed real estate activities - to provide real estate services, you must be licensed with the State of California Department of Real Estate.