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Fire Administration

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Brandon Jones, Assistant Fire Chief

Phone: (559) 852-2884

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Assists the Fire Chief in directing the activities of the fire department; assumes the responsibility of the daily operations of the personnel, stations, activities and equipment of the fire department; supervises the Operation Battalion Chiefs and handles all disciplinary and personnel actions; handles public complaints regarding fire department operations and procedures; develops and reviews the departmental budgets and grant proposals and makes recommendations to the Fire Chief for alterations; manages and monitors the day to day expenditures of budget accounts and compiles reports for budget forecasting and account activity; assists in the development of departmental policies, plans and procedures; conducts thorough background investigations; assists Battalion Chiefs on station budgets and equipment needs; responsible for departmental fleet tracking, inventory, assigning vehicles and record keeping; administers and monitors department fleet, maintenance programs, and will be primary on any issues, malfunctions or repairs to fire department vehicles; coordinates and maintains a maintenance schedule for all fire department vehicles and fleet; directs fire control activities; conducts internal investigations for departmental personnel matters including preparing findings; responds to and assists in the management of emergency operations on incidents requiring additional Chief Officers; acts as the alternate Assistant Office of Emergency Management Director and works with the Office of Emergency Management on disaster planning and training.

Ivy Webb, Executive Secretary

Phone: (559) 852-2865

Email Ivy Webb

Serves as the designated infection control officer; conducts thorough background investigations; directs and makes administrative studies of organizational and administrative procedures; supervises, trains, and instructs staff in a variety of areas; makes and recommends changes in systems and procedures to maintain compliance with regulations and to improve delivery of services; maintains calendars and schedules appointments for the department head; prepares and distributes meeting agendas; attends and takes minutes of meetings; summarizes and transcribes minutes of meetings from electronic recording devices or handwritten notes and distributes minutes as appropriate; prepares and disseminates public meeting announcements and public notices; responsible for the organization, maintenance and disposition of files and records, correspondence, resolutions, ordinances, policies and other official information and documentation; oversees the coordination and maintenance of department personnel and payroll functions, such as confidential personnel records maintenance, leave tracking, purchasing, office supplies and equipment maintenance, preparation of statistical and budgetary reports, processing of personnel action forms, and various other department-level personnel services; prepares and secures a variety of highly confidential and sensitive reports, documents and records, including confidential employer-employee relations information; assists in the interview and hiring process; trains and evaluates subordinates; assigns work and oversees work flow processes; monitors and evaluates work performance and recommends disciplinary action.

 Keri Rosas, Fiscal Specialist I

Phone: (559) 852-2177

Email Keri Rosas

Prepares and monitors the department budget; interprets and applies federal and state guidelines to ensure maximum compliance and reimbursement; establishes and maintains databases to accumulate and reconcile income and expenditure data; monitors financial and accounting databases related to department programs; balances, verifies and reconciles accounts, ledgers, expenditures and other fiscal transactions; prepares monthly, quarterly and annual accounting and fiscal reports based on records maintained; reviews and verifies financial documents such as time cards, requisitions, purchase orders and invoices for accuracy and completeness of information.