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Specialty Assignments

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Kings County Fire Department has various specialty assignments. Our uniformed fire personnel are directly involved in fire prevention, firefighting, emergency medical services, hazardous materials mitigation, disaster response, public education and community service.


Hazmat team members respond to emergency and non-emergency hazardous materials incidents including actual or potential spills, leaks and exposures to substances that pose a threat to life, property and the environment. Team members are certified as Hazardous Materials Specialists and are trained to mitigate a hazardous material incident, placing the safety of the public and emergency responders as the foremost priority.

Honor Guard

Honor Guard participates in several types of events. Honor Guard performs colors details at civic occasions, such as public parades and special community events. The team also perform colors details at many department events such as dedications, graduations and promotional and awards ceremonies. Honor Guard plans, organizes and performs at memorial services for department members and may assist other agencies with memorial services. Kings County Fire Department Honor Guard is a highly disciplined team of uniformed fire personnel and is dedicated to honoring fallen firefighters, their families and department members.

Fire Investigations Unit

The Fire Investigations Unit is primarily responsible for investigating all types of fires to determine the cause and origin, as well as to identify and apprehend those persons responsible for the commission of arson and/or crimes related to arson. Many investigators assigned to the Fire Investigations Unit are peace officers per California Penal Code Section 830.37(a), carry weapons and regularly receive law enforcement, firearms, use of force and legal training through the Kings County Sheriffs’ Office.

Swift Water Rescue

Swift water rescue is a subset of technical rescue dealing with cold water and high flow river conditions and involves the use of specifically trained personnel, ropes and mechanical advantage systems. Equipped with wet suits, personal flotation devices, helmets and a cache of other equipment, swift water rescue team members can effectively create shore-based water rescue systems and water-based contact rescues to save victims trapped in natural and man made waterways throughout the County of Kings.

Heavy Fire Equipment Program

The Kings County Fire Department Heavy Fire Equipment Program was established in 2018. Heavy Fire Equipment Operators make up the Heavy Fire Equipment Program and are trained in firefighting and operating heavy equipment used in wildland fire control. Heavy Fire Equipment Operators operate and perform maintenance and repair work on vehicles and heavy equipment such as bulldozers, heavy duty transports and trucks. Operating heavy equipment is required on steep and narrow mountain roads, under hazardous conditions and on the fire line.

Critical Incident Stress Management

Critical Incident Stress Management is intended to prevent and mitigate the effects from exposure to highly stressful critical incidents. The Critical Incident Stress Management team provides multi-faceted humanitarian assistance to first responders and their families or groups coping with the aftermath and/or ongoing impact of a critical incident. Critical Incident Stress Management team members are trained by licensed mental health professionals nationwide to perform peer support duties.

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