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Day Reporting Center

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The Day Reporting Center (DRC) provides an outpatient gender-specific program for re-entry and realigned male offenders within Kings County. Any misdemeanor/felony offender having a Risk and Needs Assessment score of Moderate to High qualifies for the DRC will be supervised by the Day Reporting Center Unit. 

The DRC would serve to provide structure and skills to males struggling with a variety of social and criminal justice issues in order to reduce criminogenic factors, reduce relapse and recidivism, and provide positive coping skills and behavioral change. Mental health and substance abuse co-occurring issues will be addressed via individualized treatment by licensed and certified professionals.

The program will include required contacts with the Kings County Probation Department, comprehensive case management, intensive gender-specific groups/classes, and individual sessions. DRC utilizes evidenced-based curriculum which is recognized by certifying bodies.


Program Services/ Groups

  • Orientation
  • AOD (substance abuse)
  • Managing Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Getting It Right: Managing My Life
  • Courage to Change Interactive Journaling
  • Trauma (trauma-informed for men)
  • Anger Management/ Counseling
  • Case Management
  • Strengthening Father Initiative (CPS approved parenting program)
  • Thinking for a Change
  • Life Skills/ Healthy Relationships
  • Understanding the Dimensions of Change
  • Job Readiness/ GED Preparation
  • Skills for Successful living (Finance & Budgeting)
  • Mental Health Services


  • AOD aftercare (substance abuse)
  • Mental Health Services
  • Case Management
  • Self Management
  • Cognitive Self-Change Aftercare