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Electronic Monitoring Services

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Rules and Regulations of the Electronic Monitoring/Home Confinement Program


The Kings County Correctional Administrator is the Chief Probation Officer. The Correctional Administrator is authorized to offer a program under which offenders committed to Kings County Jail or other County correctional facilities, or granted probation, may voluntarily participate in an Electronic Monitoring/Home Confinement Program during their sentence in lieu of confinement pursuant to 1203.016 PC or in lieu of bail pursuant to 1203.018 PC, or involuntarily pursuant to 1203.017 PC.


As a condition of voluntary participation in the Electronic Monitoring/Home Confinement Program, an inmate must give his/her consent in writing to participate and shall agree in writing to comply with the rules and regulations of the program, including the terms and conditions of Electronic Monitoring/Home Confinement Program, attached herewith and incorporated herein by reference.


A participant is required to remain within the interior premises of his/her residence during hours designated by the Correctional Administrator. A participant shall admit any person or agency designated by the Correctional Administrator (which may include personnel from the Kings County Probation Department or any other law enforcement agency) into his/her residence any time for purposes of verifying the participant’s compliance with the conditions of his/her detention.


The participant shall agree to the use of electronic monitoring, which may include global positioning system (GPS) devices or other supervising devices for the purpose of helping to verify his/her compliance with the rules and regulations of the program.  The devices shall not be used to eavesdrop or record any conversation, except a conversation between the participant and the person supervising the participant, which is to be used solely for the purpose of voice identification.


The participant shall agree that the Correctional Administrator may, without further order of the court, immediately retake the person into custody to serve the balance of his/her sentence, or if released on electronic monitoring in lieu of bail, held on amount of bail previously established by the Court, if the electronic monitoring or supervising devices are unable for any reason to properly perform their function at the designated place of confinement as stipulated, or if the Correctional Administrator or his/her designee has reasonable cause to believe that the participant is failing to comply with the terms and conditions of the program, or if the person willfully fails to pay fees as stipulated (when fees are applicable and the court has found that the participant has the ability to pay these fees), subsequent to a written notification of the participant that payment has not been received and that return to custody may result, or if the person for any other reason no longer meets the established criteria under Sections 1203.016, 1203.017 or 1203.018 of the Penal Code.


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