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Placement/Intake Unit

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The Kings County Placement Unit is responsible for establishing appropriate out of home placements for youth that are unable to remain in the custody of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).  The officers work diligently with the youth and their parent(s) to establish a case plan, goals and interventions and work toward reunification in the shortest amount of time possible.  Placement officers receive specialized training, such as Commercially Sexually Exploited Children, Trauma Informed Care and Placement Core, to ensure foster youth receive all available services.

The Placement Unit attempts to place a youth in the lowest level of care possible.  We attempt to locate family members that are willing and able to care for the youth.  We partner with the Human Services Agency to approve relative family homes as foster care providers.  The probation department strives to ensure the youth in out of home placement have a connection to someone in their family, a mentor or a family friend to be a support to that youth.  We work with local Foster Family Agencies, to provide the most family-like setting possible.  Group homes and Short-Term Residential Treatment Providers are available for those youth that are in need of a high level of mental health services.  These are typically utilized for short periods of time, to stabilize youth until they can be moved into a lower level of placement, with a family member or in a foster family home. 

The probation department provides Extended Foster Care services to the youth we serve in out of home placements.  In many cases, these youth are eligible for multiple services, beyond their 18th birthday, to assist them in transitioning into adulthood and living independently.  


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