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Communication Dispatch

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Who are we? What do we do?

The Kings County Sheriff's Department Communications Division consists of one Communications Manager, One Training Officer, five Senior Dispatchers, and ten dispatchers. The Communications Division provides law enforcement dispatching services for the County of Kings, Animal Control, Probation Department, City of Lemoore, and the City of Avenal. The Communications Division also provides fire dispatching services to the Kings County Fire Department, City of Lemoore, City of Corcoran, and the City of Avenal.

The Communications Division receives and dispatches 9-1-1 calls to include medical emergencies. After business hours, Communications answers calls for various emergency agencies, such as Child Protective Services, and Environmental Health.

When should I call 9-1-1?

9-1-1 is the universal 3 digit telephone number adopted nationwide to summon assistance to any emergency situation: Fire, Medical Emergencies, Crimes in Progress.

Can 9-1-1 be called from a pay phone?

Yes, no coin is needed to call 9-1-1.

Can false calls be traced?

Yes, it is against the law to make a false report. The line can be "locked onto" and traced.

Why not just dial "O" for the Operator?

Telephone operators are not specifically trained to quickly recognize jurisdictional boundaries, such as fire districts. The telephone company is more automated with fewer operators.

Why do dispatchers ask so many questions?

This question is asked many times. If the questions seem excessive, please remember help is already on the way and the questions are to confirm all the help necessary can be notified. Also, the dispatcher is always concerned with officer safety. By getting answers to key questions, the dispatcher is able to communicate to the officer what he or she is responding to.


How can we help in reporting emergencies?

  • Who: Who is involved? Do you know their names? Can you describe them?
  • When: How long ago did it happen? Is it still going on?
  • What: What is the problem?
  • Where: Know the address or location where the emergency is, and if possible, the cross streets.

Depending on the nature of the incident, the dispatcher will ask you additional information such as:

  • Traffic Accident: Are there any injuries? Is the road blocked? How many vehicles are involved?
  • Fires: Do you see flames? If you cannot see flames, what color is the smoke? Is anyone inside the building? Is there anything close enough to catch fire, such as another building, shed, fence, or pole?
  • Fight: How many are involved? Is anyone hurt? Are there any weapons? What kind of weapons?Does anyone need an ambulance? Can you describe the people involved, especially the ones who have weapon
While it seems like we are asking a lot of unnecessary questions, all of this information is critical for us to get you help in the fastest way possible. While the dispatcher is taking information from you, others are also doing several other things such as dispatching the officer or making sure he is on his or her way, relaying information to the officer, confirming information you have given, and collecting additional answers from you for questions the officer has.Your cooperation with the dispatcher will ensure the quickest and safest possible response for everyone concerned.

Contact Information

Law Enforcement
Kings County Sheriff
(559) 584-1431ext. 2720
Lemoore Police Dispatch
(559) 924-5333
Lemoore Police Office
(Mon.-Fri. 8:00 to 5:00)
(559) 924-9574
Sheriff Substations
(559) 992-4141
Kettleman City
1 (800) 289-9981
Fire Protection
Kings County Fire Dispatch
(559) 582-3211ext.2720
Kings County Fire Office
(559) 582-3211ext.2881
Hanford Fire Department
(559) 582-8333
Lemoore Fire Dispatch
(559) 924-5333
Lemoore Fire Office
(Mon.-Fri. 8:00 to 12:00)
(559) 924-6797
Allied Agencies
California Highway Patrol
(559) 441-5400
Hanford Police Dept.
(559) 585-2540
Corcoran Police Dept.
(559) 992-5151
Other County Agencies
Kings County Probation
(559) 582-3211 ext.2850
Animal Control (daytime)
(After hours)
(559) 584-9276
(559) 582-3211 ext.2720
Child Protection Services
(559) 582-8776