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The Detective section of the department handles the most complex law enforcement investigations confronted by the Sheriff's Department. From the crime of murder to large thefts, the detective unit is responsible for investigating a myriad of crimes.

The unit is made up of five detectives who are assigned to investigate major crimes which occur throughout the county and three detectives who are assigned to investigate agricultural crimes (Rural Crime Task Force). The Support Division is supervised by the Detective Sergeant under the command of a Sheriff's Commander.

The detectives have investigated many violent crimes and have successfully been able to prosecute the criminal offenders. Sheriff detectives focus on maintaining a positive working relationship with the community in an attempt to protect our citizens. 
Additionally, they continue to work in concert with many local agencies as well as State and Federal agencies to provide the best service possible. 

To share information with the Detectives, you can contact them at the following:

TIP Hotline                                                     559-852-4554

TIP Line email address:

Kings County Sheriff - Main Telephone  

Commander Rick Bradford 
ext.  2819

Detective Sgt. Mark Lusk  
ext.  4645
Detective Christopher Martin
ext.  4603
Detective Sam Weimer
ext.  2804
Detective Kevin Smyres
ext.  2829
Detective Andrew Mazza
ext.  4647
Detective Jessica Machado
ext.  2818
Detective Eric Essman
ext.  2807
Detective Rod Shulman
 ext. 4842
Detective Carlos Santos
 ext. 4617
Detective Ben Moore  ext. 4643